A BEAUTIFULinstrumentals listener emails:
"I love your choice of music. Thank you so much for making it available". - S

I signed up with Radio365 (VIP) a few days ago as we lost our KFUO Classic99 in St Louis. I found your link and a few others but will stay with you most of the time. We raised our kids listening to KEZK in St Louis and haven't heard the great easy listening format since that station sold out quite a few years ago. Hope you will be able to keep the great programming going for a long, long time. ---D in Illinois re: BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com

love love your music selections...sweet soothing to the soul:)thank you so much

Very nice set up. I think the quality is even improved. Love this station [BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com] and the arrangements very much. Great job.---Nancy

GREAT music selections, great programming. Thanks for your service. I am a regular listener. [www.BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com]...a Texas listener

Your radio station [BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com] is Beautifull in deed. I either read or study... listen nice, clean and inspiring beautiful melodies. Gracias. edgar

Gacias por la mágnifica música tan selecta que al fin puedo escuchar totalmente a mi gusto. En verdad muchas gracias. [Ruben listens to BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com]

Absolutely beautiful music!! And I am a Live365 VIP member. Best regards, G S He listens to BEAUTIFULinstrumentals.com

Hello...I'm a retired Marine, living in the Philippines. I told my wife that this great station plays the music that our parents listened to, while we were growing up in the 60s. Keep em coming, best regards...S

Beautiful repetoire! I recently lost my father and your station has helped me through a very melancholy day. Thank you beyond measure!

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