Music Memories

 Just a word to express my appreciation for so many fond memories with various artistic interpretations. Some days I spend all day with you and always a quiet hour before bed time.

Five stars out of five

Listener from.....

 Thank you to MDF for this comment:

"There are 2 sources of comfort in my lonely life. The Holy Bible and your radio station. 



Your comments inspire us. Many Thanks.

Listener from Washington

Just would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful music you play on your station I found. As my Father is very picky with his format of music plus different types of styles of music played and keeps him happy. He just had a full knee replacement and through my own Google Speaker and his own in his Office your music is playing softly in the background. Keep it up as im sure there are still many many older people even like me that listen to this. Thank you again and hope this gets to the right person in management. My father is 82 Myself 48 Regards, P

London Listener Likes us


Review left by Robin on BEAUTIFUL instrumentals 3 months ago from United Kingdom:
  One of the very stations on the internet that actually plays instrumental versions of popular music. A fairly tight playlist of beautiful music orchestras like Percy Faith, John Fox, Frank Chacksfield, Frank Pourcel, Bert Kaempfert, Paul Mauriat, Mantovani and others. Just wonderful background music you can leave on all day and night.

Jackie Gleason fan writes to us


Hi there! My wife works a super stressful job. She usually gets home around 4pm CT. I try to have your station tuned in on our system to help her relax when she gets hone. She loves Jackie Gleason. She notices when she hears it and commented today how much she likes the station. She said it reminds her of the stations her parents listened to when she was a kid. I think her Mom also liked Gleason. It’s great to hear some in the mix, especially at the end of the day when we are relaxing and having dinner. Thanks again for the great programming!

Internet radio receiver listener

 I just recently purchaced a new Ocean Digital Internet receiver and your beautiful music station. Just relly love the sound of your station. Thanks

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