Listener in Italy...

 I spend the whole day with the music of BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTAL in

background. Amazing radio without boring advertisements or annoying speakers

radio but only great easy listening instrumental music that calms and

cheers the mind. Unfortunately, radios like this do not exist in the European area

where I live but thanks to the web we can benefit from this here too

great broadcaster.


Enrico C.

Another GetMeRadio listener writes us

 Mr W H from USA writes:

"A wonderful listening option. 

Takes me back to another time in my life - Wonderful!"

Gentleman in Maryland writes us


This station is a Godsend! I have needed an easy listening station for so that provides comfort and relief to my stress. You are my companion at work, and at home, including over night while sleeping. Keep the variety going as well:)


 Sometimes the play stops, but otherwise I do well. I usually read this music because there is no speaking. So relaxing music works healing.



Hi, I just love the instrumental music you play. It's a reminder of WPAT AM 930, a station that I'd listen to while doing my homework after school (this was the late 1980s early 1990). I feed your stream into a tiny low-powered transmitter and can pick it up on any of my collection of 1950s vintage radios.  Thanks again for the beautiful music. Regards, S

Music Memories

 Just a word to express my appreciation for so many fond memories with various artistic interpretations. Some days I spend all day with you and always a quiet hour before bed time.


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