"I have listened to a lot of easy listening stations over the years, but I never found a station I enjoy more. I play your music all day at the office and at home, and would listen to you in my car if you ever broadcast through that source. I work in a high pressure environment preparing for litigation hearings, and your fabulous music has brought peace and calmness when it’s most needed. Thanks for bringing so much pleasure into my life. I saw the earlier where someone said you were like “Escape” on XM/Serius, but I think you are far superior. ---Mr. D F  " 

 REPLY: I hope you found our new server and continue to listen. If you have an xiialive app on your phone then input our link: 
You can get the app from your app store for free but listening charges may be added by your mobile service provider.  Just link your phone to the automobile radio aux or line input.  ---rac

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