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Canadian family enjoys our music

I recently discovered your beautiful station that plays such great easy listening. I also love that rich baritone voice that comes on occasionally. I remember that voice from a station “live 365”. Same voice? Love your station! (Editor: Yes, same)

e-mail from listeners in the Bavaria area of Southern Germany....

(Listeners say they are)   receiving you loud and clear via Internet in the South of Germany (Wolfratshausen). We (67 & 70 years old) tune in between 0800 and 1900 GMT. Thank you for your 24/7 music - we really appreciate your work.

Thanks to a fan from Texas

"I have been around a lot of years and have always enjoyed beautiful music even when I was a child. I used to have several music sources on my computer desk top; however, after listening to your outstanding instrumental selections (without commercials), I have removed all of the others. Keep up the great work and let us know how we can continue to support you."

Fan from England comments on our beautiful instrumentals is by far the very best radio station of it's type ever and I have tried a few. Every track without exception is "my kind of music" - and REAL music too. Even the announcements are relaxing!! I just love it. So much in fact it is on in my house every day all day long and often from morning till late at night. I am wondering if there are any plans to substantially increase the library in the near future. I am listening in England. Many thanks, (JR)

REPLY: Yes early next year we will go to a larger vault for our playlist which will be four times larger. Expect to hear around 10,000 selections in 2018... following our Christmas week of holiday music planned for later this year.

"A real good easy listening station"

Found you guys on Tunein Radio about a week ago. Enjoying your good easy listening and relaxing music often ever since. 
I'm an over the road truck driver here in the United States and your station keeps me great company as I travel the big road. Keep up the good work and thanks. --David

"Heavenly Music"...thank you, "K"

Hello, Many thanks for the heavenly music. I know and have many of the artistes and tracks while I discover something new that I like every time I tune in. Especially appreciated since I lost all radionomy-hosted stations after their geo-block. Having heard several Beautiful Music Instrumental stations I can safely say yours is the best. Top-notch 'quality control'! Regards, K....

comments from listeners to

Found your station quite by accident when searching for a "beautiful music station" that would allow me to listen without playing disturbing "big band" or nostalgia music. There are other beautiful music format stations but none have the special touch yours has. I think when you use the word "quiet" it says it all. Easy listening has become a label that is applied indiscriminately to various types of music including "soft rock". When I found your station, and heard how tasteful and "pure" your brand of easy listening is, I immediately knew I had found a station programmed by someone who knew what they were doing. When I go to sleep, I have your station on, and when I wake up, it's there as I hit the snooze button, and there's nary a shift in the continuity. To me, listening to a format such as this, and having a cut that is harsh or not melodic, totally ruins the mood for me. Many of the artists you play have produced cuts that were of that category, and the difference between your station, and others, is that you recognize the difference and eliminate them from airplay. Indeed, kudos to you!

comment posts from beautiful music lovers

 When I lived in the Philadelphia area, I used to listen to WWSH. I thought it was one of the most gracefully programmed beautiful music stations I'd ever heard. When I moved to New York, I was surprised at the low quality of top rated WPAT, and the schlockiness of WVNJ. No where near the quality of WWSH. WRFM did sound good, but their morning guy talked a blue streak. I'll share your station with others who like this music. Keep up the great work.

 What a great station! Please continue to play easy listening instrumentals. Other stations play mostly vocals. I much prefer intrumentals. Nelson Riddle is the greatest! And thanks for bringing back this genre of music. I used to listen to some FM radio stations in Ontario in the 1980's that played instrumentals. No one else seems to play this kind of music anymore. Now I have your station in my Favorites list.

 I've lived in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1971. I really miss the wonderful music that used to be played on WDVR, WWSH, WPBS, WFPG, and WJBR. I will always love this music. Thanks for bringing it back. For the time being, I can only listen on my home PC. Maybe someday technology will permit me to listen in my car and at work. (I can't listen at work now--the tech geeks are afraid I will use up their precious bandwidth.) Thanks for the memories. I'll be listening.

 I just got a new pair of Harmon-Kardon SoundSticksII & also just discovered Beautifulinstrumentals radio. Been listening (on & off) most of the day & this is a real pleasure. I've most of this same music on many reel-to-reel tapes, so It's like playing my own collection of favorite sounds. I can let my monitor go to sleep & keep the music playing via iTunes & be real relaxed. Kudos to whoever put this together.

 I enjoy listening to your station at work. It’s very pleasant; conducive to helping me concentrate as well as drowning out the noise from the other staff conversations. Thanks for the energy that you have put into this project.

A California listener. I've been listening for about 6 months now and just came upon your station. Not only do I love it, but I love the voice of the 'announcer'. I was confused for a minute and thougth I was listening to that fabulous station out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Your selection of music is fantastic - Thanks for being on.

Just found your great station today and I will be listening from now on. I have heard music from my favorite artists that I never heard them play before. [Radio station original transcriptions and library archives plus new CD releases of old selections.]

What a great station - I have made your station My Favorite. ...

(a listener in Ohio) Just wanted to say I enjoy your station very much. Listening to it after a hard day at work or before sleep is very soothing and comforting. It truly made me want to go out and buy the music from these talented musicians. Thx for the 32 MP3Pro speed since I have dial-up only. - F, in NY

 I'm from Brazil. Your selection is astounding! I will return to your radio often. I hope you can survive the new regulations. I can do little from Brazil, but strongly believe good taste like yours can make this world better....Carlos


"I have listened to a lot of easy listening stations over the years, but I never found a station I enjoy more. I play your music all day at the office and at home, and would listen to you in my car if you ever broadcast through that source. I work in a high pressure environment preparing for litigation hearings, and your fabulous music has brought peace and calmness when it’s most needed. Thanks for bringing so much pleasure into my life. I saw the earlier where someone said you were like “Escape” on XM/Serius, but I think you are far superior. ---Mr. D F  " 

 REPLY: I hope you found our new server and continue to listen. If you have an xiialive app on your phone then input our link: 
You can get the app from your app store for free but listening charges may be added by your mobile service provider.  Just link your phone to the automobile radio aux or line input.  ---rac

mood setter music from

You guys are such great mood setters! I want you to know that your work is very much appreciated.

Just found BEAUTIFUL instrumentals . com

As a new discoverer of your “station” playlist you remind me so much of Sirius Channel 69, Escape. Beautiful! Speaking of which, Sirius dumped the channel and had to bring it back because the listeners demanded it! Let’s go for it. Your new listener, 

Guatemala listener reception report

I was born and live in Guatemala City. I lived in New York City for three years and came back about 45 years ago. I believe your station plays the right music I have always enjoyed. There is a problem with your station; for some reason at times the music breaks and the smoothness is lost. I don´t know if you can do something about it. I hope you can. Anyhow, I feel happy listening to you guys thousands of miles away. Thank You!!! Oh! By the way, I´m 73 (seventy three) years old but feeling, looking and acting as if I were 50 something or 60 at the upmost!!! Like · Reply: · Oct 6, 2015 May we suggest you speak with your Internet service provider. This may be a problem with their delivery of our signal to you. Also when using your computer you may interrupt the stream when importing other sources. Hope this helps...continue to listen and thanks.

Thank you... over 21,000 people all over the world who took the time to tell us they enjoy...

study with music

Great radio station for background music for an oldsouled student preparing for his finals. Thanks!

Government workers love our beautiful instrumentals

I always like Jackie Gleason's recordings. If you haven't played "the great one" recently ...

Live365... and how it works with Sonos?

We're happy to announce that Live365 has been added to Sonos as a Beta music service in Sonos Labs. You can find out more about Live365 and its integration with Sonos...HERE

Get our music stream in your car...
always in my car, at home.....It's essential in my life

Davenport England listener comments...

This is a revival of real music and artists which BBC should take heed of. Its a long time ago we in England could sit back to such soothing sounds.

all day, all night listener


Support our station with a VIP subscription on our website

Hello and thank you again for the best station out there! I just found you on my Vizio with a tunein app and wondered if the VIP membership applies to that, or only through live365. There are too many ads but "seamless" music is best. I didn't see a contact page on your website (it's huge!) but will look again if you don't receive this. Thanks again from a happy supporter and Merry Christmas!

[VIP support is for apps and widgets from LIVE365. I have moved contact link to top of our webpage. Merry Christmas from your programmer]

Regular listeners in Russia tune in our 'radio' ...

Every morning when I wake up I listen to your radio. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to your radio. With thanks and best wishes your regular listener...[J M]