From a Facebook fan

"Yes, this is truly HEAVENLY music! Ethereal, hauntingly beautiful, and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! This music really does go through you! SO emotionally moving this arrangement is and ALL of Percy Faith's orchestrations! So glad to be a part of this wonderful Facebook group. Thanks for inviting me.".

fresh air music from BeautifulInstrumentals

A thousand thanks to beautiful instrumentals for the most wonderful and relaxing music. It’s like a breath of fresh air at these hard times in the world. Also thank you to the presenter with his beautiful and soothing voice.Thank you again and stay on air forevermore. I can’t stress enough how lovely the music is. Yours sincerely Ursula. Sent from Ursula's iPad

A post from listener in the land of lakes

I want to thank you for your past correspondence in my effort to listen to your BEAUTIFULINSTRUMENTALS.COM Internet station. The technical staff at Grace Radio were able to load you station on my Grace Mondo+Chromecast radio. I enjoy your easy listening music and no ads. Is that deep male voice I hear on occasion yours? Again thank you for your help and understanding. (Minnesota listener)

Tune daily

I turn on your station every morning. Thanks for BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.

Hello Montreal

Dear Folks,
I found your station on with a search for 'beautiful music'.
Truth in advertising. I listen by the hour now while relaxing.
Altho it's a cliche to say it reminds me of my parents, that's a compliment.

Our Concert Cameo of JOHNNY PEARSON

Listened to this late last night as I was out all day. Just fascinating! Once again you show your talent for unearthing some very unusual selections from one of my favourite composers. And the comparison between “Heather” and "Autumn Reverie" was brilliant. I know the Richard Carpenter piece very well and have played it many times over the years on the album but I had no idea Johnny Pearson wrote the original - which I had not heard before!! Same great melody but two quite different but equally lovely arrangements. I particularly love the use of harp and cor anglais in the Carpenter orchestration. I have always believed Richard Carpenter to be an excellent composer although of course, I now know he didn’t compose this one!

 (Canadian listener to our podcast on LightConcert Music )

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