Remembering good things happened.

Hi, Would love to hear an instrumental version of "Moon Over Miami". Thanks for the lovely relaxing music you play. A Canadian listener

HI I am listening from Sydney Australia. I have to congratulate you on the amazingly beautiful music. Relaxing ! great to work to. James
This station is wonderful !!! Long life to Dj 'Roberto' Congratulations. a listener in Brazil

You just do not get to hear this kind of music any more. I sure do love it. It's the best station of all. Thank you bunches. - W in TX

fantastic music ... its raining at Calcutta and your music is creating a terrific ambiance at my roof top glass room .. Thanks once again

Brilliant and nostalgic selection of music. From an avid UK listener, we don't have any stations like this.

I just turned in with Gunter playing. This is so lush. Thank you! - a listener in Genoa, Italy

I am from the Boston area. How did you determine which instrumentalists are played on your station? It is a shame that commercial radio has very few stations with this format left in the nation. To think that there were hundreds 25 years ago seems unbelievable. Peace, - B

Great music. I love it. - a Canadian listener

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