Tonight your instrumental music "FEELINGS" CAN BE HEARD SO NICE AND SO CLEAR. It reminded me of 35 years ago, it's my favourite song. - a UK listener

Excellent radio. Congratulations!!!!
I live in Lima, Peru. Is the first time that I'm listening your radio and I believe the music is fantastic. Congratulations again. Best, Francisco

Simply the best easy listening available. I appréciate every day. Thank you so much !

Felicitaciones por la programación Saludos Listener in Providencia, Santiago, CHILE

You have my highest commendation as a internet radio station. You offer an unbelievably vast number of selections with very little repetition. Listening to your station is like stepping back to the 50's thru 70's when there were FM and AM stations in my area that played instrumentals. Since most of the selections you play are familiar to my generation ( I am 57), it is a good mental exercise to hear the songs and try to remember their name before looking on the computer to get the name. It is also a good exercise to try to think of the vocal artist whose version was the most popular of a given song. I am so happy you are there. - Maine listener.

divine music. thank you. -- P.

We absolutely luv your station, especially @ bedtime, but we also listen in the morning. - Judy in USA

Thanks a lot for this music programing, it´s beautiful. - Jorge, in Mexico

Beautiful songs reflect a beautiful soul.-- Beautiful Instrumentals listener

Hello friends. Listening to this kind of musicc from all the world. It is beautiful and marvelous!

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