I enjoy listening to your station at work. It’s very pleasant; conducive to helping me concentrate as well as drowning out the noise from the other staff conversations. Thanks for the energy that you have put into this project. I am not a VIP listener but found Live 365 Free a couple of years ago and listen at work and at home. - Karen, Quincy CA

Beautiful Instrumentals ARE beautiful! I like it! - LB

I really enjoy listening to the type of music you play. Local FM radio stations seem to have no interest in playing such nice music. Thanx

Thanks so much for your station.. When I have a good a internet connection I will suscribe to vip status or just support you directly, Thanks

Hi – Just to let you now, your station is great. It is of the few stations in the world that has very nice restful music. I am from the old school and will be 61 years old in several weeks. Keep playing that beautiful music. Thanks, - Jim in Minnesota.

Seems like music today is truly beautiful, more so than other days. Although every day is beautiful, but so nice to enjoy this. Thank you - Judith

I really enjoy the Beautiful music. It reminds me of the FM of the early 60's. I listen from Fontana, WI. Keep it up!!!

Doing a great job tonight. Thanks!!!

A Beautiful instrumentals.com listener emails us:
You are the best...from New York City.

This is great...thanks !! :) a listener in Wyoming.

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