Beautiful music programmer Marlin Taylor brought FM stereo music to millions of about it in his book.

Marlin Raymond Taylor grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He first left his mark on radio broadcasting in Philadelphia in 1963, becoming known as "the father of the beautiful music format." Other than a year spent 750 miles above the Arctic Circle, his family and working life have been spent along the Northeast Corridor in cities from Washington, D.C. to Boston. At the height of his career, his musical programming could be heard from stations in many of the largest metropolitan areas of the United States. Today, he and his wife Alicia live in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Marlin Taylor, left, with friend
 and beautiful music programmer...
the late Dave Shayer

Marlin R. Taylor first discovered musical recordings when he was elementary school-age, when they came from phonograph records that played at 78 revolutions-per-minute. This was just the prelude to his love affair with radio, which began at the end of World War Two, which he received his very own AM-only radio. This was the beginning of his "education" in the industry. Taylor spread beautiful music around the USA in the mid 20th century via syndication to independent radio stations. Taylor is best remembered as the “father” of the instrumentally-based 24/7 stereo-radio format that became known as “Beautiful Music" which started WDVR 101 FM in Philadelphia.

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