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Monday, October 12, 2015

Guatemala listener reception report

I was born and live in Guatemala City. I lived in New York City for three years and came back about 45 years ago. I believe your station plays the right music I have always enjoyed. There is a problem with your station; for some reason at times the music breaks and the smoothness is lost. I don´t know if you can do something about it. I hope you can. Anyhow, I feel happy listening to you guys thousands of miles away. Thank You!!! Oh! By the way, I´m 73 (seventy three) years old but feeling, looking and acting as if I were 50 something or 60 at the upmost!!! Like · Reply: · Oct 6, 2015 May we suggest you speak with your Internet service provider. This may be a problem with their delivery of our signal to you. Also when using your computer you may interrupt the stream when importing other sources. Hope this helps...continue to listen and thanks.